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Hi All

This is our third year film were getting in early on this production as were aiming to be damn ambitious. With lots of new tech and CGI techniques to add to the story which is as follows.


With the fate of creation in your hands, could you destroy it for love?

A story of unrequited love, set on a backdrop of temporal paradox. Alice has a choice to make, stay with her true love and risk the collapse of the space time Continuum, or take more drastic measures to ensure all of creation isn't erased.

Below are links to the various portals we have setup and will keep up-to-date as new things unfold.

It's been a while

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Well I'm not dead, I just fell pout with having to keep this updated with mundane shit. I still read stuff, and pass dodgy comments.

Anyway I'm keeping a writers blog, and have defected to Word Press, I can probably RSS feed to here but thats probably a bit to much like effort.

I'll keep reading and commenting here, but this is probably going to be my last post on Live Journal, but you can read my writing antics over on

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Gabby - Out


I was talking to some people last night about predictions, and what predictions are, so let’s take a quick look at how a prediction is done. You start with observational evidence, from that you build a model/idea, of what this data means and represents, then you use this observational evidence that has been collected over time, to have a intelligent guess at what might happen next. You can then use this short terms guess and the reactions of your observations to make a further prediction that goes even further in the future.

Now where is the line here, once side is science the other is psychics, both use the same observational evidence over time, to build a model of what is in front of them then they use this evidence to predict a short term future, from that they test the reaction of the short term with more observational evidence then predict further in to the future. Both are exactly the same, yet one would be laughed out of the science class.

So we can either take predictions as fact, or we can laugh at them like we would if a psychic told us we would win the lottery next week. So next time you read or see anything saying the world will be hotter in the future, just think of an old crone with a crystal ball, but replace that ball with a PC.


Many say Bacon is natures perfect food, others say that Coke is the perfect drink. What would happen if you combined them, and made it sugar free.


Flash Gorden

Well I had the chance to watch Sci-Fi's Flash Gordon Pilot. I say watch, I would call it more torture, but it's good research.

The characters were a little to Buffy, with a mix of some bad 80s sci-fi show. The sets were laughable. Ming’s Audience chambers were about the size of my bedroom. In fact most of Mongo seemed to be made of scaffolding and box rooms. Land prices must be high.

Flash well he wasn't Flash, in fact he was Steve AkA Flash. He didn't play football you know the all American sport he was s runner. Flash the all American hero no longer plays the all American sport, Go Figure. He has lost all his innocence which has always been a key part of the flash character. Now he is the ex- of Dale Arden, and Zarkov is the assistant of Flashes father, the genius physicist. I was like Whisky Tango Foxtrot. Part of the original idea was Dale wasn’t keen on Flash because he was to good to be true, until he shows he is that good.

Dale should be shot, she brings nothing to the story, she hang around trying to be useful, but she isn’t even that much of a plot device. She brought no feeling of Dilemma to the story, they made her to strong, so you knew she can escape most situations, and you never have a worry about her.

Zarkov, rather than being the mad genius, he is more like the slightly agitated hanger on, at least he does more for the plot than dale, but not much more.

Ming was laughable, there was no feeling of menace form Ming, The actor did his best but he is not the right person to play Ming. There’s a whole ream of actors that could have done it all of them have been in Stargate, and all could easily pull Ming of.

I felt that the story wasn’t driven forward by the actions of the character but more of an train ride, where they characters were just along for the journey. It was predictable and at no point did you ever feel things could go a different way. Yes this is Flash but the Dilemma wasn’t there.

The plot, well that went to way of the dodo. They changed the classic flash plot, a lot of the original themes of the Flash story were gone. Replaced with a dire love story, and something that was rejected from Hyperdive (really bad BBC sci-fi series) as a plot.

Everything was done on the cheap, cheap actors, cheap sets, cheap props, I mean Ming’s palace is the opulence of luxury not a scummy dive from the 70s. Even the plot was cheap, with ideas taken from Terminator 2, Logan’s Run and other classic sci-fi films. But it seems very little was taken from Flash Gordon.

I hated the remake of Battlestar Galactica, but at least that held up on its own, and was infinitely better than Flash Gordon.

So if it’s a choice between doing something like sawing your leg off with a rusty hacksaw, and watching the new Flash Gordon series, grab the antiseptic.

Were moving...

Well tomorrow were moving... I’m not sure if it’s relief I’m feeling now or numbness. The past few months have been interesting, more planning than a normal move, as were moving 200 miles away and have a shed load of stuff, (Well more of a barn). Not only do we have the moving to plan we have to sort out starting University and all that came with it. So not your everyday walk in the park, more of a cold quiet walk through Antarctica. Do to not spending any spare cash, saving, not having enough free time to go out much, saving, and travelling between here and York to look for places and make arrangements.

So to all our friends in the area, who we haven’t seen much of over the past few months, we would have loved to meet up and go for a drink, but having not much free time and no money to spend, kinda nerfed that one. So if you’re in the York area let us know or you want to come and visit your welcome to. We were thinking of having a party before we left, but money and time especially was short.

Well back to the last day of packing and hopefully tomorrow by about 2pm were on the road. With only about half a day on Monday here to tie up the last loose ends and take the van back.

I wish the people of the UK would open their eyes and use their brains.

I have to say this It’s been bugging me the past few days, and make me realise just how stupid the people of the UK have become.

After two failed terrorist attack the government raises the threat level to Max, which is fair enough by why didn’t they do this after the first failed attack? Not only do they put the threat level up they make sure everyone knows they have. Another other thing that puzzles me these attacks are only a few days after Gordon Brown becomes PM. If they were real terrorists they should be making a mess of London on the day Gordon Brown became PM. So those two failed attempts show that Al Qaida is either desperate and will use stupid people because the intelligent ones have said no way. Or Al Qaida as the government tells us is a lie, if they were really as resourceful and good as we have been told there would not have been failed attempts. If this is all Al Qaida can summon to attack us then we have won the War on Terror and we can sit back and relax.

That’s enough about Al Qaida’s terrorism what about the governments terrorism?

Well the government put out armed police in a few places in York, these were very public places where thousands of people are. You may think they are keeping the people safe. Well that’s wrong. These police men have fully automatic machine guns, in crowded public areas. Realistically the men cannot fire those weapons as they will hit innocent people and kill them. It quite simple that you don’t use a lead hose in a crowded area and expect to hit only one person, you use a pistol to limit collateral damage. So we know the police with machine guns were in 2 high density shopping areas, they are unable to fire their weapons.

The first area is Clifton Moore, which makes sense a place of capitalism and commerce, the right kind of target for the right kind of terrorist. The second place makes no sense, York Minster. Al Qaida don’t blow up churches, they hate our government not our religion. To Muslims Jesus was a profit, so why would they blow up a church, well they wouldn’t. So putting armed guards with machine guns they cannot fire outside a church is even more pointless.

Another thing about this was the armed police went to York Minster a day later than you would have expected. The day they should have gone there was a big service at the minster, a lot of people in one place and no armed guards? The day after the guards turned up no service, they just stand there with guns they cannot fire in a place that’s would never be a terrorist target, and they come late (a 8:00 AM, so if you’re a terrorist do it before 8:00AM).

Now given that you have armed police with guns they cannot fire, in a place which would never be a target, a day after a big service, and coming late. The next question is why are these armed police there, because it’s obviously not to stop the terrorists and make people safe.

Well my good readers the answer is simple, it makes the people and tourists of York scared. It reinforces the idea that Al Qaida is real. It makes everyone worried about a terror attack. So you can say technically those police were in-sighting terror in everyone that saw them. It’s a natural reaction to become scared when you see people carrying guns around.

So I would like to say this the real terrorists are governments that use Al Qaida to scare their people. Al Qaida is an excuse they can roll out to put police in public places with gun and scare them. It quite obvious the governments have taken on the mantle of the terrorists and are using it to control the people that put them in power.

And that just pisses me off.

Dual Monitors

Yep gone dual Monitors, I feel like such a geek now.

Anyway in other news, It's just under 2 months now till we make our escape up north. So we be looking for Boxes. Preferably the one without kittens hiding in them, as they tend to get squished in transit.

Also we need to have a wine and cheese night Round at Hellions and Wolfs place. To do a bit of comiserating and celebrating.

Anyway back to my dual monitor goodness